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About Us

Brand_Build is a studio based on New York City that helps bridge the gap between big ideas and final product. We help in various ways throughout the architecture process to maximize value and ensure that the developer’s vision comes to life in a tangible and desirable way.

We create architectural concepts and branding concepts simultaneously. These concepts address market research and target demographic desires and unify a cohesive design that has a clear focus all the way through, from floor plan to brand story.


How We’re Different

We are involved in the early stages of the architectural process to infuse any building or 3d project with creative concepts that drive future value. We bring the developers vision to life through branding and marketing campaigns that are completely aligned to the building design.

Architectural Experience

  • We have a collective educational and professional background in architecture.

  • We have designed everything from skyscrapers and masterplans to studio apartments and popup shops at some of the top architecture firms in the world.

Value-Added Partners

  • We bring a unique, strategic approach to the design process that enables the creation of building and branding concepts that add value to any asset.

  • We have the right team to create value-adding architectural design, branding and marketing plans that are cohesive and powerful.

Creative Agency+

  • We have the agency experience to produce influential stories that bring the true value of any space to the right audiences in the most effective ways.

  • We utilize the most effective technology and experiential marketing tools to build the campaigns and creative content necessary for driving sales.

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Our Team

We’re a highly diverse team with backgrounds in architectural design, brand strategy, web development, user experience and graphic design. We have designed skyscrapers, masterplans, launched websites, built integrated marketing campaigns and everything in between.

Our collective expertise allows us to work on some of the most challenging architectural, branding and marketing projects. Understand how end-customers experience a building and a brand is necessary when building the foundation and strategic approach for the architectural process.